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Water Lake De Meeris

Water Lake De Meeris ('t Gat van Waalre) was created in the 1970s through sand extraction. The sand extraction went to great depths, making the lake more than 20 meters deep in some places. There are no flowing watercourses into the lake, which means it contains stagnant water filled with ground and rainwater. In later years, debris and waste were dumped into the lake. Additionally, the lake serves as an overflow for the sewage system. During heavy rainfall, untreated sewage water flows into the lake. Swimming in the lake is therefore not allowed. The lake has become a popular spot for walkers and fishermen. There is also a diving club active in the area.

Aquatic Plants in De Meeris

The water in De Meeris is usually quite clear, partly because there is little nutrients and fish in the water. Aquatic plants thrive in these conditions and can grow to a depth of over six meters. The plants use a significant portion of the nutrients in the water, reducing the chances for suspended algae to cloud the lake. Aquatic plants themselves contribute to the clarity of the water. Fish often stir up the bottom, releasing sediment into the water. When the bottom is covered with plants, fish have less space to stir up sediment. Several common species of aquatic plants grow in the lake, along with various rarer species, such as pondweeds, water crowfoot, and water buttercup.

Residential Area Waalre Noord / Nature Experience Center

The development of the area around De Meeris Water Lake began in early 2011, where approximately 750 homes are being built in phases. A part of the plan, around the water lake, has already been realized. In the coming years, phase 3 on the other side of the Onze Lieve Vrouwedijk will take shape. Sustainability and nature play a significant role in shaping the area. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing types, from social rental and owner-occupied homes to luxury apartments and private-sector homes. The development also includes the reuse of a former landfill. A park with an apartment complex has already been completed, and the construction of a catering facility with a nature experience center is planned for 2024, as shown in the image below.


In the construction area on the south side of De Meeris Water Lake, one building is yet to be realized, known as Waderlo. Waderlo will be a remarkable residential building with 5 apartments. This residential building aims to be a symbol of sustainability through responsible material usage and energy-neutral construction. It also emphasizes social sustainability, involving future residents and the community extensively in the design, construction, and living process.