Information about the upcoming change to the collection of your residual waste

We would like to inform you about the upcoming change to the collection of your residual waste (grey dustbin). From the 4th of September onwards residual household waste will be collected every two weeks instead of the current four weeks. Because of this change you can choose  a different size dustbin (grey container), which suits your situation better.

You can still separate a large part of your residual waste (grey bin)

The municipality of Waalre aims for a maximum of 100 kilos of residual waste per person per year. Currently the amount of residual household waste is still 152 kilos per person per year. The city council approved a change in the way waste is collected. With this collection system you pay a fixed basic amount for waste collection. In addition you are charged for each time your grey container is emptied by the waste collection truck. By separating your residual waste better, you pay less. And you also contribute to a better environment. This method of paying for emptying the grey bin is used by many Dutch municipalities. It results in less residual household waste.

Would you like a different grey bin size?

From the 4th of September onwards the waste collection truck collects the grey bin every two weeks. You decide when your grey bin is emptied. This can also be once every four, six or eight weeks. We would like to know if a different size bin suits you better. You can choose a smaller or larger grey bin free of charge. What are your options:

Are you satisfied with your current grey bin?

No action is required.

Do you want a different size grey bin?

Choose a different size via Please do this before April 16th 2023. Use your personal login code (provided via the letter you received)

Need help? Call telephone number 085 – 10 63 501 on working days between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

Container sizes

If you have a ‘large’ grey bin of 240 litres you can choose a smaller model (140 litres). If your current bin is a ‘small’ version of 140 litres you can choose a larger one (240 litres).

Sizes and dimensions:

  • A ‘small’ grey container holds 140 litres of waste (dimensions approximately 48 x 55 x 103 cm).
  • A ‘large’ grey container holds 240 litres of waste (dimensions approximately 58 x 74 x 108 cm).


The costs for emptying a ‘small’ 140 litres container are € 8.75. The costs for a ‘large’ 240 litres container are €15,- . The costs per litre residual waste are equal for both container sizes. A large bin contains more waste and is emptied less frequently than a small container.

Additional grey bin

From the 4th of September onwards only one residual container (grey bin) per household will be emptied. If you have two or more grey containers, please report this via no later than April 16th. These extra containers will be collected free of charge.

What can you expect the coming months?

We understand that the upcoming changes in the waste collection may raise questions. In the coming months we will send you additional information about the waste collection in Waalre. You will also receive a new waste calendar by post no later than July 2023. This calendar contains the new waste collection scheme, which will take effect from the 4th September onwards. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

For your convenience a ‘waste app’ is available. You can download the ‘waste app’ (Afval app) on your mobile phone. The Afval app is a handy tool in which the waste collection scheme for your location/street is implemented. You can automatically set push notifications for waste collection days. For more information visit

Need help regarding the bin change?

If you have any further questions regarding this letter contact DVL Milieuservices. This company helps the municipality of Waalre with the container change and other operational activities for the upcoming changes in the waste collection.

Visit to change the size of your bin or call the DVL helpdesk on 085 – 10 63 501 (on working days between 08:30 and 17:00).